Course Title: 

Job Analysis & 

Job Redesign

Gain skills to put people at the right place at the right time with this short course.

Course Dates: 

17 & 24 November 2022 (Virtual)

Course overview

Organisations across the globe are constantly faced with challenges involving changing business needs, shifting demographics and workforce limitations. An organisation's capacity to be agile and adaptive will determine its ability to respond and avoid disengaging itself from its workforce.

This virtual learning program will help you to develop a deeper understanding of how job analysis and redesign is connected to workforce planning, and ensuring you are aligned to the people strategy. Learn and apply tools and techniques on how to enlarge, enrich and engage your workforce. You will also find yourself better equipped to manage stakeholders through the redesign process.

When you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Design and create job redesign plans that are aligned with operational objectives and corporate goals
  • Understand the components of job analysis and redesign in order to design impactfully
  • Analyse the current workforce situation and future workforce needs to future-proof the organisation
  • Strategise engagement with stakeholders in adopting a proactive transformative attitude towards redesigned jobs
  • Drive alignment in business structure, process, and people goals to better mitigate risks
  • Review and measure the impact of job design decisions to effectively present the ROI


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Short Course

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