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Course Overview
Organisational change is a constant for many, driven by a number of different forces including customers, markets and technology. Yet research shows that most change initiatives fail to get their intended outcomes and may even limit an organisation’s potential and its people. The effects of not managing change effectively can be devastating and long lasting, so it’s important that people professionals understand the issues and equip themselves with techniques to support change management initiatives.

This programme will help close the gap between theory and practice, enabling you to land transformational change with greater confidence.

Course Outline and Learning Outcome

a.Understanding Change and Transformation
• Overview of stakeholders, business activities and processes that enable transformational changes
• Discuss environment that impact change program and how the programme affect business activities and processes

b.Gather Support for Change through Conversation
• Communicate changes and deliverables to stakeholders and employees
• Types of change implementation programme and expectation of stakeholder

c.Behaviour and Leadership for Transformational Change
• Challenges when implementing transformational changes
• Supportive factors for change management

d.Driving Effective Change
• Allocation of resources effectively
• Potential pitfalls and obstacles in execution of change management procedures

e.Change Management Success Factors
• Factors that support and hinder change programmes
• Actions to smoothen change adoption and implementation
• Change performance assessment and follow-up action

f.Change Management Progress Review
• Review progress and resistance to change programme
• Equip employee with skills to manage change programme

Duration & Fee

1st Intake
7 & 9 April 2021
Wednesday & Friday

2 days; 16 Hours
9am* to 6pm
(inclusive of 1 hour lunch break)
*Registration commences at 8:30am on the first day

Venue: SHRI New Premises @
137 Cecil Street, #09-08,
Singapore 069537

Full Course Fee - $1284
(inclusive of 7% GST)

Course participants may apply for SSG training grant.
Please refer to course brochure for breakdown of course subsidy.

Target Learners 

Best suited for mid to senior level HR and Learning and Development professionals involved in managing people through organisational change and transformation.

  • Senior HR practitioner or business leader seeking to be successful expert initiator and facilitator of transformational change
  • Aspiring HR and L&D manager with roles and responsibilities in managing and supporting changes at the workplace
  • Business unit head that crossover into shaping and designing organisational change
  • Consultant, owner of small and medium-sized business desiring to better manage and facilitate company-wide transformation