Course Overview 

Organisations across the globe are constantly faced with challenges involving changing business needs, shifting demographics and workforce limitations. An organisation's capacity to be agile and adaptive will determine its ability to respond and avoid disengaging itself from its workforce. 

This learning programme will help you to develop a deeper understanding of how job analysis and redesign is connected to workforce planning, and ensuring you are aligned to the people strategy. Learn and apply tools and techniques on how to enlarge, enrich and engage your workforce. You will also find yourself better equipped to manage stakeholders through the redesign process. 

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Course Outline 

a.Understanding the fundamentals of organisation design 
• Role clarification processes for organisation, job design and job analysis
• Defining job design and job analysis and respective processes
• Apply the principles, purpose and practice of job analysis, job design and job redesign

b.The principles of job evaluation and job design 
• Analytical and non-analytical methodologies
• Develop job descriptions and person specifications
• Approaches to job design 

• Techniques and tools for job evaluation 

c.Implementing job evaluation and job design 
• Job evaluation best practices
• Current job descriptions analyse for continued relevance
• Job evaluation tools
• Sizes of jobs against pre-defined criteria evaluation

d.Action planning and presenting rationale with key information to stakeholders 
• Documentation that supports job analysis and job redesign processes
• Job classification, Job rotation, Job enrichment
• The rationale and supporting evidence for job evaluation outcomes

Target Learners

This course is suitable for HR professionals who would like to have a fresh perspective in organisation design and develop an evidence-based approach in performing job analysis and job design. 

  • Mid level HR practitioner seeking to deepen knowledge in job redesign plans and process 
  • Aspiring HR Manager desiring to learn more on stakeholder management strategy in job redesign work 
  • Owner of small and medium sized businesses looking at mitigating transitional risk while driving business needs

Duration & Fee

16 & 18 Nov 2021                                     Tuesday & Thursday

2 days; 16 Hours
9am* to 6pm
(inclusive of 1 hour lunch break)
*Registration commences at 8:30am on the first day

Venue: SHRI New Premises @
137 Cecil Street, #09-08,
Singapore 069537

Fee: Full Course Fee - $963
(inclusive of 7% GST)

Course participants may apply for SSG training grant
Please refer to course brochure for course subsidy breakdown.

Course Benefits

Job Analysis and Job Redesign will guide you in developing an evidence-based approach to job redesign. A mix of practical application and case study work will strengthen your knowledge and application in the areas from workforce planning to job analysis, job redesign and finally implementation of sustainable job redesign in your organisation.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the fundamentals of organisation design to ensure effective job analysis and job design
  • Apply with confidence, sound principles and methodologies in conducting job analysis
  • Employ techniques of job evaluation and job levelling with representative job features as benchmarks
  • Stay relevant by mastering ability to determine need and use for best practices, concepts and tools in job analysis and job redesign
  • Analyse and present evidence-based rationale to key stakeholders

About the Trainer

Keng Kiat has over 30 years of extensive experience working in global multinational corporations in the IT, manufacturing and financial industries. In the last 12 years, he held leadership roles in HR, L&D and OD, driving strategic and operational programs in employee & industrial relations, talent & succession management, employee engagement, professional development, and corporate HR services.

Before making HR his career, Keng Kiat’s expertise was in helping MNCs transform their IT processes to global best practices and training ITSM practitioners to operationalise policies. He also specialised in data centre automation, application release management and mainframe systems support.

Keng Kiat is passionate about developing leaders to lead with wisdom and compassion. He is an ACTA-certified adult educator and holds a Specialist Diploma in Advanced Facilitation. He has facilitated corporate learning in topics such as leadership, diversity & inclusion, professional integrity and business communications. He is also a Design Thinking practitioner and has facilitated strategic planning interventions to enhance organisational effectiveness.