The CIPD, in collaboration with Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI), has launched a new initiative to help people professionals in Singapore further their expertise.

People professionals as well as executive leaders of SMEs, can expect to develop evidence-based techniques to help shape an adaptive workforce and deliver transformational change, as well as other skills.

These series of programmes (SSG Funded), are designed to help businesses to tackle root cause issues, rather than rely on stop gap solutions that could prove expensive in the long run. Each of these programmes have been carefully selected to help organisations with their workforce transformation and bring the necessary HR and people skills to support organisations prepare for the future.

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List of CIPD and SHRI Programmes

Workforce Planning Essentials

The everchanging global economic conditions brought about by technology, fluid political landscapes, major shifts in demographics and social attitudes, calls for a keener focus towards workforce planning and people strategising in many organisations. The need for the right people, with the right skills, in the right roles, at the right time and at the right cost rings true now more than ever. While globalisation and changes in work practices offers an increased access to talent, it is equally true that organisations are exposed to heightened competition for people resource.

  • Course participants may apply SSG training grant.
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Delivering Transformational Change

Organisational change is a constant for many, driven by a number of different forces including customers, markets and technology. Yet research shows that most change initiatives fail to get their intended outcomes and may even limit an organisation’s potential and its people. The effects of not managing change effectively can be devastating and long-lasting, so it’s important that people professionals understand the issues and equip themselves with techniques to support change management initiatives.

This programme will help close the gap between theory and practice, enabling you to land transformational change with greater confidence.

  • Course participants may apply SSG training grant.
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