Short Course:

Essentials: Transformative Technologies for HR 

A collaboration between CIPD and People Collider

Develop the knowledge to understand how technology can be used by HR, and how technology choices shape the workplace and employee experience.

Course Dates: 
16 to 19 March 2021

Course overview

Essentials – Transformative Technologies for Human Resources is designed to help HR professionals meet and support the needs of their business in Industry 4.0, through the transformation of themselves, HR and the workplace. Created specifically for human resources professionals, this course doesn’t use technology jargon and instead uses straightforward language presented within HR and other business contexts. 

Each new technology is discussed in detail; from its history, the opportunities and problems they pose today, and how they may evolve and influence business in the future. Learners will be able to engage confidently with IT and vendors, design a bestfit technology ecosystem, and, select and implement suitable tools for their organisation and employees. They will also have the knowledge to participate confidently in related debates on topics including AI, Ethics, Bias, and Privacy.


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Short course

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